AMD versus INTEL - Which one is best?

AMD versus INTEL - Which one is best?

Hi everyone. Welcome to our very first BLOG. We hope to make this a regular feature throughout 2015 and beyond, and look forward to your feedback. It will be our intention to make these posts both informative and entertaining. OK, so without further ado, let's get started with one of the most asked questions by our clients when ordering a new computer build.

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Buying a desktop computer can be a lengthy process involving many complex decisions, but none come with quite as much jargon as figuring out the best CPU.

Before you know it, you're drowning in talk of cores and clock speeds, socket types and chipsets, overclocking and more.

While you'll need to consider at least some of these issues, there's an easier way to approach your purchasing problems. And that's to ignore the technical detail, just for the moment, and focus first on a more fundamental question: Intel vs AMD, which processors are the best for you?

You'll probably find that answering this question is much more straightforward. And once you've made your choice, many other decisions about your new PC will fall into place, saving you plenty of time.

If performance is top of your priorities (and you can afford the price tag) then Intel processors are a good choice. Don't take My word for it, just check out high-end systems like the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro, Palicomp Hydro-780 or Dell's monster Precision T7610: it's almost always Intel inside.

The difference can be marginal, though, depending on what you're trying to do. You may struggle to notice much difference in gaming performance, and if you're planning to overclock your chosen CPU – and your target applications make good use of multiple cores – then AMD may sometimes offer equivalent or better speeds for much less cash.

The central processing unit (CPU) of a computer is a piece of hardware that carries out the instructions of a computer program. It performs the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of a computer system. The CPU is like the brains of the computer - every instruction, no matter how simple, has to go through the CPU. So let's say you press the letter 'k' on your keyboard and it appears on the screen - the CPU of your computer is what makes this possible. The CPU is sometimes also referred to as the central processor unit, or processor for short. So when you are looking at the specifications of a computer at your local electronics store, it typically refers to the CPU as the processor.

When we start to look at the various components of a CPU and how they function, remember that this is all about speed. When we use a computer, we want the instructions to be carried out very fast. As the instructions become more complicated (for example, creating a 3D animation or editing a video file), we demand more from the CPU. Thus, the technological advances we have seen in processor technology have largely been driven by the need for speed.

Here at Precision Computers in Brisbane, We fit an equal amount of both Intel and AMD CPU's, however our higher end machines, servers etc...Tend to usually leave the workshop fitted with genuine INTEL products.

Precision gaming machines do however perform very well with the AMD product particularly if you are on a budget.

In My opinion the AMD will give you more bang for buck, however they do run a little hotter and therefore are not really well suited to laptop applications. They also have a slightly higher failure rate.They are however up to $100.00 cheaper than an Intel equivelant.

In summing up, I would recommend you consider the AMD option if you are buying any type of desktop machine with plenty of cooling fans etc. If you are looking at a laptop or tablet, then I would prefer to go Intel. Realistically though, It's up to you. Do you prefer a Porsche or a Mercedes? They are both great cars, however one is considerably cheaper.

Don't forget Gang, that here at Precision we specialise in Australia's Best Gaming machines, Servers, Office Computers and Data and Lost File Recovery from our very own Data Recovery Lab right here in Brisbane - Australia.

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