A word on viruses

A word on viruses

Most people assume that because they are running anti-virus software, that their machines are free from infections. This is simply NOT true in most cases.
Pretty much every machine we see has some sort of malware running on it , usually without the clients knowledge. Most good quality anti-virus software still only has a strike rate of around 80%, which means that some infections get through. That is the plain truth.
The worst part about this is that some ...viruses are written by crime syndicates for the sole purposes of fraud and identity theft. They do this by installing a small piece of Malware that tracks your keystrokes, and sends this information back to a malicious website. These are called "Key Loggers" and they are far more common then most people realise.
In fact, the only reason some people haven't been hacked in most cases is because the people that are receiving this information, are simply getting so much data that they quite frankly, just haven't gotten around to you yet. It's a scary thought isn't it?

Internet related fraud is now the fastest growing type of crime on the planet, with people having their identities stolen...and bank accounts cleared out every day.

The only way to keep abreast of these type of infections that slip past your anti-virus program, is to have your machine professionally scanned and cleaned on a regular basis.
Don't delay on this folks...get it sorted...

Pete - Precision...

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